Why Real Estate Selling is a Good Career Choice for You

Most people do not realize how pervasive real estate is. Real estate, according to Investopedia, includes title to land and anything permanently attached to it such as buildings, as well as, natural resources of the land including flora and fauna, livestock, and water and minerals. Hence, we are talking about residential such as houses and lots, and condominiums; commercial such as office buildings, hotels, resorts and malls; and industrial such as factories, mines and farms.

If that’s how vast and encompassing real estate is, then people will always want or, let’s rather say, NEED it. Who doesn’t need a house to live in, anyway? Or a workplace to come to daily? Or a mall to buy your clothes and shoes from?

Hence, if real estate is something that is NEEDED, then people would probably beat the odds to acquire it. Continue reading “Why Real Estate Selling is a Good Career Choice for You”


Buying Your First House: A Guide for OFWs

Have you been away from the country for quite a long time and have been longing to find something worthy to invest your hard-earned money on? Don’t let your sacrifices abroad go to waste. Invest your money into something that will last and will surely give you pride and joy seeing how you managed to have built something out of your own hard work and perseverance, despite having to battle out homesickness being away from your family.

OFWs deserve to get what their money’s worth…and more! Investing it in a house and lot is one way to grow your money. Not only that, you also secure your family’s future by giving them a home where they can feel safe and secure.

So, you have the money, you know what you want and what you can afford, and you are really decided to buy your family a house, but you’re miles away… how do you start? This guide will help you: Continue reading “Buying Your First House: A Guide for OFWs”

“Step Up’ & Be in the Zone with the Millennials” Click Home in the City

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You’re juggling a handful of roles – the man of the hour in the office, a hardworking and loving son to proud parents, a social creature with a Friday night to spend with circles of friends, a hobbyist who has a long list of leisure activities to fill up his free time and, on a serious note, a guy priming up for his future – a family of his own. Didn’t I just describe you, ‘adulting’ millennial? Continue reading ““Step Up’ & Be in the Zone with the Millennials” Click Home in the City”