Buying Your First House: A Guide for OFWs

Have you been away from the country for quite a long time and have been longing to find something worthy to invest your hard-earned money on? Don’t let your sacrifices abroad go to waste. Invest your money into something that will last and will surely give you pride and joy seeing how you managed to have built something out of your own hard work and perseverance, despite having to battle out homesickness being away from your family.

OFWs deserve to get what their money’s worth…and more! Investing it in a house and lot is one way to grow your money. Not only that, you also secure your family’s future by giving them a home where they can feel safe and secure.

So, you have the money, you know what you want and what you can afford, and you are really decided to buy your family a house, but you’re miles away… how do you start? This guide will help you: Continue reading “Buying Your First House: A Guide for OFWs”


Owning a Camella House and Lot Now Made More Possible

Owning a house and lot and living the good life in a beautiful, convenient, and safe Camella community has always been your dream. A subdivision surrounded by an abundance of trees and lush landscape, complete with Continue reading “Owning a Camella House and Lot Now Made More Possible”

Don’t Let Your Relationship Status Stop You From Buying a Home!

Are you often asked the most annoying questions like, “Why are you still single?”, “When are you going to get married?”, “Don’t you get envious whenever your friends get married?” and “How will you be able to buy a house if you’re single?”. These questions definitely hit the nerve all the time. Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Relationship Status Stop You From Buying a Home!”