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Camella has taken upon itself to figure out what the Filipino’s dreams are and how he wants to live. The result is communities that recreate the most amazing cities and locations in the world; finely built and exquisitely designed homes; self-contained and secure properties; and a network of systems, facilities and organizations that make all that possible.

Camella, the flagship brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., has an innate knack in building dream communities in excellent location. When it builds, it builds for its residents’ convenience and upgraded lifestyle. It guarantees its homeowners’ safety and security within its every project with high perimeter fences equipped with CCTV and round-the-clock roving security guards.
Building the country’s finest and most desired communities today, Camella is a wise investment, built to appreciate in value over time. It offers affordable and value-for-money homes to reward the hard work and perseverance of the Filipino family man and to give young families a place of their own where they can grow their dreams and tomorrows.
The community that Camella builds is more than a composite of homes, streets, parks, and playgrounds. Camella believes that communities should bring whatever its families need within easy reach. Thus, true to its tagline, “All that you need is here”, each community is ideally located with immediate access to institutions like schools, hospitals, churches, transport hubs, and places of leisure.

But the group has taken this a step further and exploded that strategy by bringing the institutions right into the communities, constantly placing the people at the heart of each structure. Now, when Camella builds, it also builds churches, schools, offices, hospitals and commercial centers, and everything else that completes a masterplanned community. By creating properties that are essentially self-contained, it is creating virtual cities by fusing the comfort of a community and the commerce of a city – a communicity.

Camella is the housing brand with the widest geographic reach. It is the only real estate developer with a reach that spans nearly the entire country. It covers the widest range of provinces and cities offered by any local property development group, and all for the sole purpose of being able to offer homes wherever in the country Filipinos want to live. With 40 years and counting, Camella has already built more than 300,000 homes in 35 provinces, and 95 cities and municipalities across the country.

Moreover, Camella builds in places with exciting possibilities, often inducing progress in the locality. The group has been known to put up communities in areas ignored by other property developers in anticipation of future growth and a demand for homes in the site. In fact, Camella developments have become a “mark of progress” and signs of growth and expansion across the country. Roads get better, commercial developments crop up, transport increases, and possibilities become endless. Lives improve, dreams become bigger, needs diversify and growth becomes inevitable.

Camella is increasing its footprint to over 100 cities and municipalities, cementing its claim as the largest homebuilder in the country. It remains the horizontal housing leader with new developments being opened in the parts of the country where Filipinos feel the most “at home.”

With the concept of self-sustaining environment in Camella communities receiving positive feedbacks from Camella homeowners, the company will continue this strategy in existing and future developments. It will expand and transform its existing projects into a communicity that will include a convenience store, retail shops, a mall, home depot, school, hospital, offices, transportation hubs, and even a church. It will continuously innovate to deliver its promise of giving the best living experience to its homebuyers.

Source: Camella (Official)