Can You Own Your Dream Home?

What do you want when you grow up? Can you still remember your answer when someone asked you this question? Back in our childhood days, most of us – if not all – envisioned ourselves having a nice car, a great job and a beautiful home. I bet you already planned every detail of how you want them to look like.

Now that you’re old enough to make your dream come true, you still feel like you’re hundreds of miles away from achieving them. Maybe, you should work hard to save more and do cost-cutting. Or you should simply revisit your initial drawing on your mind of your dream home, for example, and maybe be more realistic and practical so you can finally have your own home.
When we were little, who did not want these?

I think this is one of the most common things we wanted in our dream house when we’re kids. A pool of your own provides privacy and convenience unlike when you’re in public pools. But are you going to use it every day or only during summer days? Remember, maintaining a pool is expensive. Maybe, you can let go of this.

Built-in Entertainment Center
We thought that sky is the limit when we were young and dreaming. But we soon realized we all can’t enjoy luxuries very easily. A built-in entertainment center is a great idea for your home, but this will serve as an additional cost for you. Temporarily, you can let go of this, too, when you’re on a tight budget, but you still got a lot of time to build it in the future if you want it that badly. What I mean is remember your first priority, your dream home. Worry about more important details like: do you have the perfect location for your home? Is it accessible? Is it secure?

Spacious Lawn and Landscaped Garden
We all want our homes to have a spacious lawn and a beautiful garden with all those flowering plants, but now we know that lots aren’t cheap, especially when you’re in the city. Plus you’ll need extra money to hire someone to do the landscaping unless you know how to do it by yourself. And you may need to spend a lot of time to maintain it.

Specific Exterior Paint Color
Usually, real estate developers deliver houses with painted walls, so why spend money to paint your own exterior color. (But if that powder blue color really makes you happy, go ahead. I think it wouldn’t cost that much.)

Brass Lighting Fixtures
This will make your home look elegant and your friends will praise you. However, the main purpose of lighting is to have brightness in your home. So what’s the difference of this to other common lighting?

My point here is that there are more important things we need to consider when buying a home. We often misinterpret that the things we want in our home is a need. Thus, we dismiss homes that perfectly fit our needs in search of our wants.

Nevertheless, if you can’t sacrifice these specific features in your dream home, then, my advice for you is to go beyond your dream home and think about your dream community. Maybe, due to budget constraints, you cannot have those I mentioned above in your own home, but you can have them as part of a community. Just know where to look.

Check out Camella. Each Camella project offers lifestyle amenities to homeowners such as swimming pool, basketball courts, playgrounds, landscaped parks, gardens, and a 24-hour security that is a total package of all your needs and wants.

Also, Camella has an easy access to schools, malls and business establishments. They offer a wide variety of house models and you can easily choose one that fits your ideal home within your budget.

Source: Camella Website


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