10 No-Cost Small Space Tips

Giving your space a new look doesn’t always mean buying and adding new pieces. Moving around and recycling a couple of pieces can do the trick.

Check out these handy hints that you can try:

Move things around.

Rearranging your existing furniture layout can improve room circulation. Try putting your largest piece against your longest wall, and leaving the rest of your room clear for traffic.

Remove one piece.

Sometimes removing a single piece of furniture – a bulky armchair or an additional sofa – can make a tiny room more spacious.

Clear your tabletops.

Cluttered tabletops, whether on coffee tables or desks, can make a room appear tight. Here, design consultant Grace Moslares does a clean, Zen approach to decorating a coffee table.

The Great Outdoors

Not enough space? Then take things outdoors. A porch, lanai, or covered balcony can serve as an additional seating or dining area with a few existing furnishings.

Practice Proportion.

Create an illusion of a grand space by positioning a large, space-enhancing mirror on one wall of your condo’s dining area.

Make it symmetrical.

A formal room arrangement, as seen in this symmetrically decorated studio living room, can make a home appear spacious, as opposed to a haphazard, casual layout.

Define your space.

Designer Vivian Gacad defines the living room from the dining area in this tiny home with an area rug. You can also use a cabinet or freestanding shelves to divide areas within a small space.

Maximize storage.

Design consultant Joby Belmonte leaves no spot unused in his apartment – case in point, stashing storage boxes underneath his antique wooden seat.

Hide some of your stuff.

Stashing some of your belongings behind closet doors can help you achieve a cleaner, leaner space. Daniel de Castro hides his shoes in this narrow cabinet built into his foyer.

If you can’t hide it, display it!

Choose the best among your stuff and put it on tasteful display. Prop them up in bookshelves, or use it to accent kitchen counters and side tables.

Source: http://www.realliving.com.ph


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