Once Upon My Childhood.. February 29, 2016

Have you ever sat down and thought about the dreams you had when you were younger? How many of those have you actually accomplished now that you’re an adult and earning a living?

Is it only me who feels that it was easier to dream big when we were younger? And I wonder, “What happened to us? When did we stop dreaming? When did we start aiming for smaller and smaller goals than we used to set for ourselves?”

1. Your Dream Job

Have you once aspired to be the best doctor or the fiercest lawyer in town? But after spending 16 to 20 years of your life studying, you ended up as someone you never imagined yourself to be and doing another thing just because it was way more convenient and your profession would bring in money faster.

2. Your Dream Achievements

Have you ever stared at a ballerina and wondered how those girls dance on their toes?   More than our dream jobs, we have always dreamt of doing something different or unique that will bring out our full potential. Once in our lives, we did want that spotlight on us and make a difference in the world, right?

3. Your Dream Home

When I was a child, I used to draw my dream home – with a perfect location,  a beautiful, pink bedroom just for me, a modern kitchen where my mom makes my favourite food, and a spacious garage with a garden where me, my siblings and friends can play around, and not to mention, a private community where we can take a stroll and meet new friends.

Life was easier when we were kids, don’t you agree?

But, growing up, we had our disillusionments; we realized life is not simple – full of ups and downs – and somewhere along the way, we just stopped dreaming and just went with the flow, tossed around by the waves of reality. We have matured, and with it, somehow, we forgot about dreams.

I believe it’s not too late to dream again and start working to achieve them. We just have to bring back the passion and the drive we had when we were younger and give our best shot to make our dreams come true. As they say, when you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Still dreaming of that beautiful home? Camella can help make your dreams a reality!

Camella, the flagship brand of Vista land and Lifescapes, Inc., caters to the mid-income market of the population. It offers an easy financing scheme to accommodate more homebuyers. It also gives you a variety of home options that may suit your type of lifestyle and the needs of your family.

As Camella continues to transform your typical idea of a community, it now offers comfort and convenience through its master planned communicities, where you can now live a stone-throw away from places of necessity such as schools, churches, malls, markets, and central business districts. And one more thing, you can choose from a number of locations where Camella communities are; it has the widest geographic reach in the Philippines, spanning over 90 cities & municipalities and 35 provinces. Now, you can have the home of your dreams!

For Inquiries and FREE Site Tripping:
📞 Phone No: 0917.849.8882 | 0998.580.5740
📨 Email Add: asiaplusprimegroup@gmail.com
👍 Facebook: www.facebook.com/PrimeAsiaPlus
💻 Website: www.asiaplusprime.wordpress.com
Source: Camella Website
Contributed by Grace Dacuno. This article also appears on houseyourplace.


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