5 Reasons Why We Buy a House

It may seem that the question has an obvious answer, right? Who wouldn’t want to have a place they can call their own? But have you really turned those questions as your game plan?

Here are some factors why you would like to have a private house of your own:

1. You want independence

Many starting families face this kind of problem. Most Filipinos grew up in a system of extended family, where married daughters or sons and their spouse remain in their parents’ home, along with their unmarried adult siblings. And even after having their own baby, they’re still under the same roof as their parents’.

This Filipino culture, of being so tightly-knit, like they don’t want to get away from their parents’ care, contributes to why some young adults stay on their comfort zones and are not focused on having the goal of saving to acquire their own  house. But after sometime, as your family grows, you will realize that you’ll need your personal space.

Can you imagine yourself still being scolded by your Mom for lying on your bed with your shoes on at the age of 30? Come on. Get yourself together!

2. Career Move

Hooray! You’ve got promoted! But guess what? Your workplace didn’t move; it’s still way, way far from where your parents’ house where you are going home to every night. Why not buyingyour own house? As our favourite superhero would say, “Great power comes with great responsibility” and greater chances of you getting tired and no more energy to travel farther. According to a study conducted by Zipmatch on March 2015 regarding “5 Milestones That Encourage Filipinos Living at Home to Leave their Parents”,  people tend to move out of the family home if their careers force them to move to another city. The core reason that could be derived from this is convenience. Rather than bear the long commute from your parent’s home to wherever your new job is located, you would rather just buy a home nearby.

3. Because investing in short term comfort is, yeah, a waste of time!

Be careful on how you spend. It might be the trend, but it’s not what you necessarily need.

In renting (for example, a condo) , your monthly payment might rise up every year due to what we call “inflation”. And also, buying your own property can also be considered as a good investment that you will thank yourself in the future. When you decide to move in to having your own house, you also open yourself into involving int a community. It gives you the benefit of having new friends that you will stay with on the next coming years.

4. Peaceful, Exclusive, and Secure

These are some of the reasons why people choose to buy gated communities nowadays. Buying one gives you the feeling of security when you sleep. Say hello to “praning days no more” when you buy the community you deserve.  An exclusive subdivision with 24/7 roaming guards allows you to sleep peacefully at night.

5. Because it is the Ultimate Filipino Dream

Buying something that not anyone can afford is something to be proud of, right? Filipinos take pride when it comes to buying their own house from their own money, savouring the fruits of their labour.  Buying a house give them bragging rights and the ultimate affirmation that they have been successful through their journey.

Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., the Philippine’s largest homebuilder and the real estate company with the widest geographic reach, transforms your aspirations into reality. Now, your dream home is within reach.

With Vista Land’s various brands catering to different market segments – Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella, Lumina, Vista Residences –  now, you can choose the perfect home for you and your family. Start checking out the links below to know more about their projects:

For Inquiries and FREE Site Tripping:
 Phone No: 0917.849.8882 | 0998.580.5740
 Email Add: asiaplusprimegroup@gmail.com
 Facebook: www.facebook.com/PrimeAsiaPlus
 Website: www.asiaplusprime.wordpress.com


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