Getting Your Dream Home Has Never Been This Easy!

Mustering the courage to buy a home was utterly difficult for the 27-year-old Accounts Supervisor Lenie Taotao or “Yeye” as her family and colleagues call her. But all the hesitations drained away when she discovered a 53 sqm ready-for-occupancy house and lot located in the exclusive community of Camella Montego in Antipolo City. Now, here she is, excited and eager to move in to her new home.

Sitting on a spacious 101 sqm lot, her brand new abode is secure, accessible and most especially, AFFORDABLE – a perfect place to start her own family pretty soon!

Finding Her Dream Home

“Kung hindi ka magsa-start, paano malalaman na kaya mo?” Those are the words that challenged Yeye. She has been dreaming to obtain – and struggling to find – her desired home where she can relax and enjoy peace and calm after a long day at work. However, she is apprehensive that her budget might get stretched out once she starts paying for her home.

Yeye is aware that obtaining a home is pretty costly and requires a long-term and serious commitment. Of course, a home will not be complete without furniture and appliances. You also need to pay for your water and electric bills.

Helping to support her parents’ monthly expenses, Yeye is certain that her modest salary will not be enough to pay for her dream home; but not until she found an affordable, tasteful residence just a relaxing drive away from her workplace.

Acquiring Her Dream Home

Yeye’s splendid home is Camella’s 53 sqm Mara model built on a 101 sqm lot located in Antipolo City. Its features include living area, kitchen and dining areas, three bedrooms, two toilet-and-baths, and a provision for balcony and car garage. Having a spacious yet affordable home is definitely a good deal, she thought. Not to mention that the community’s location is less than an hour drive to her workplace! What more can she ask for?

If Yeye, let’s say, is going to buy a 53 sqm condominium in Metro Manila where the lowest price of land is PhP 65,000 per sqm, it will cost her around 3.4M! Yes, condominium may be an appealing housing option because of its prime location; however, nothing can top a home nestled in your own lot with plenty of room for expansion!

If this is not a great buy then I don’t know what is, Yeye thought.

Coming Home to Camella

Delighted, Yeye immediately reserved the unit and sought the help of one of Camella’s marketing experts who got her a very good deal! With Camella’s flexible payment scheme, she was able to extend her downpayment (10% of the Total Contract Price) up to 14 months, which means that her monthly payment is only PHP 15,000. Sharing her brand new home soon with her future companion, this is equally split up between them, so that means Yeye is only shelling out PHP 7,500 per month. It’s like renting an apartment in the Metro! The difference is, Yeye is already paying for her own home – a fruit of her hard work and discipline, a fulfillment of one of her dreams.

For the 90% balance, she plans to take up a loan from one of Camella’s roster of bank partners, and as of the moment, she has been pre-approved by her chosen bank.

Yeye never thought that getting a home could be this easy and hassle-free!

“It pays to rely on the most trusted brand in housing development, Camella. You are assured that you’ll get beautiful, quality home at a very affordable price,” said Yeye.

Looking forward to living independently in her own home, Yeye knows there will be a lot of adjustments for her, and unexpected expenses, too, but she is confident that she will do just fine. And how old is she again? She’s only 27.


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